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Professional Odor Removal Service

ServiceMaster Restore's professional odor removal technicians are certified for all of your odor removal needs.

Our odor removal experts possess the best methods and products available for odor elimination. These advanced skills allow them to eliminate smells caused by fire, smoke, mold, pets, and crime scene cleanup.

ServiceMaster technicians will locate the source of the smell and throughly clean any surfaces or items affected. They will then determine which substances to use based on the physical properties of the material(s). Once the odor has been cleaned, they will seal the surface to trap what smell does remain.

While carpets are often a primary spot for odors to develop, furniture, drywall, and clothing may also take on the scent if they are exposed long enough. These items must also be cleaned for complete odor elimination.

ServiceMaster Restore can remove odors from carpet, ceramic, tile, and even wood floors.

You can trust our skilled odor removal specialists with odors from urine contamination, decomposition, mold, and chemicals. We are prepared for any job, no matter how severe.

Our equipment is designed to handle the strong set-in smoke and soot odor caused by smoke and fire damage and we utilize strong hydroxyl units that work harder and are safer than ozone producing equipment.

While too much ozone can be hazardous, ServiceMaster Restoration by Lewis Construction uses the Odorox Boss XL3 Hydroxyl Unit, which is ETL certified for safety and is safe to use near people, animals, and plants. This machine uses UV light and humidity to naturally create hydroxyls that scrub the air clean of any unwanted odors.

Odor removal is a major component in removing airborne contaminants and preventing them from affecting the health of your family inside the home.

Frequently asked questions

Can I stay in my home when the equipment is running?

Yes! This equipment is safe to use in occupied areas, unlike some other applications. The hydroxyls will not harm people, animals, or plants, and will not do any damage to sensitive surfaces such as rubber, leather, and vinyl. They are also safe to use near electronic equipment.

How long does the equipment have to run in my home?

This depends on the strength of the odor. Results will be noticeable almost immediately, but typically the equipment will be placed for 48 to 72 hours and needs to run continuously. If you are trying to get rid of a bad smell or odor in your home or business, contact ServiceMaster Restore's professional odor removal service.

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